Steady Capital Solutions

Steady Capital Solutions

Steady capital solutions is a dangerous investment firm that swindles all the investments made by the investors and leaves dents in their pockets. This is because the company does not disclose their real names and who is handling the investment funds. Moreover, they have fake testimonies of happy investors to make you believe their platform. But you can always trust the legit companies that provide full information about their platform.

Founded in 2018, the company serves property managers and their owner clients with financial and insurance products that are designed to reduce risk, eliminate bad debt and generate revenue. The company’s flagship product, Rent Advance, is a working capital solution that provides residential rental property owners with up to 12 months of upfront rental income.

The product is available exclusively through the company’s 3,000+ landlord and property management partners, who receive a referral fee for each successful loan origination. Higgins says he believes the model is “a game-changer for the industry” because it helps to address tenant turnover—a major cost driver for many property managers and landlords.

Unlike bank loans, working capital solutions don’t use credit as a primary underwriting criteria, and there is no impact on a business’s credit score. Additionally, most online funding providers can offer faster approvals and flexible terms. However, some can have prepayment penalties.

In addition to working capital solutions, the company offers a variety of other services, including commercial lending, asset-based financing, business acquisition financing, and construction lending. Its management team includes a diverse mix of financial, sales and operational professionals with extensive experience in various industries.

Steady Capital Solutions competes with 1468 active competitors across all categories of the BBB Business Profiles, making it a top competitor in the Finance market segment. The company has a low number of complaints filed, but it does have some notable customer service issues. BBB encourages businesses to review all business profiles before conducting business with any company. This allows you to understand a company’s history and performance. In addition, a business’s complaint history can help you determine whether it is likely to pay your claims or to be a trustworthy provider.

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