A guide about Halong Bay tour

A guide about Halong Bay tour

In this post you will find a short guide about Halong Bay in Vietnam with all the travel tips you need to plan your trip. Have you ever had the feeling of seeing a photo on Instagram or on a computer screen and never forget how impactful that landscape was for you? Well, Halong Bay was one of those places that fascinated me for years, and so having the opportunity to explore this beautiful region had for me a taste that was more than special and magical, like realizing a big dream.

My expectations were super high and believe me, Halong Bay managed to surpass all of them and completely charmed me with its unique beauty and peaceful energy. I had the impression that nothing can prepare us for the striking and striking experience of navigating its emerald waters and rocky cliffs out of sight. This is definitely one of those destinations you must see to believe!

Halong Bay’s Seascape

Halong Bay is situated in northern Vietnam and is made up of about 2000 limestone islets that spread out of sight across the bay. These islets were formed over 500 million years ago and seem to spring from the emerald green sea, giving the landscape a surrealistic and totally unique tone.

The islands have different shapes, most of which are uninhabited. Some houses beaches, caves, caves and a rich fauna and flora and for its diversity and significance Halong Bay was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 and is considered one of the 7 wonders of nature. But not only that, Halong Bay also has secluded beaches, floating villages and a lot of cultural baggage.

The seascape of Halong Bay

There are many legends to explain the name of Halong Bay, which in English means “Where the Dragon enters the Ocean.” What we hear reports that the bay got its name because the dragon that lived in the mountains dug with valleys that were filled with seawater throughout the region, leaving only a few pieces of land on the surface that are the islands that are currently visible there.

Filled with mysticism and beauty, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s most sousought-afterurist destinations and enchants with the unique beauty of its scenery as well as the diversity of its attractions. The bay welcomes thousands of visitors each year from all corners of the world to admire its stunning and unique beauty.

The best way to discover Halong Bay

The best way to discover all Ha Long Bay has to offer is undoubtedly by sailing on its waters, especially on overnight walks on the Bay. This is because, the most impressive of the bay is the diversity of landscapes that is configured with islets of different shapes grouped uniquely with each new region explored. On the move, you can see different silhouettes and colors at different times of the day, and thus be enchanted by Halong Bay.

And there are many options for luxury Halong Bay cruises, with different budgets and profiles to suit all types of travelers. There are one, two one-night and three-day two-night cruises, and the activities each offers are different and certainly more numerous on long cruises. 하노이 밤문화

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