Why You Should Use Organic And Natural Skin Care

Why You Should Use Organic And Natural Skin Care

To ensure you are getting truly all natural skin care product, its best to look for Organic or Holistic lines. Holistic and Organic means you know the product is actually 100% Natural. The main difference between natural and organic skin care are the preservatives used.

Organic & Natural Skin Care
Organic tends to have fewer preservatives, enhancers and fillers. Ever wonder why your hands or body are dry after an hour of a mainstream product application?

Well that’s because that lotion you are using is 80% water which means once that is evaporated your skin goes back to its original dry state. That is why body oils are so much more beneficial for moisturizing.

Organic tends to be more pure as well. When choosing organic skin care products you know where your product is coming from. You know that it is coming from a pesticide and chemical free farm. These chemical sprays greatly reduce the quality, taste and aroma of plants, thus have a direct impact on the quality of the oils produced from them.

Organic products also help to support the environment. Pesticide sprays pollute our soil and marine systems. Organic oils are biodegradable and have no negative impact on the environment.

Organic Skin Care Products & Your Health
Besides just the external benefits of organic, organic saves your health.

Just think if you are using ingredients from non-organic sources you are essentially rubbing synthetics, pesticide sprays and fertilizers all over your body. 60% of ingredients can be absorbed through your blood stream so it’s essential to know where your products are coming from and what is being put inside them.

If the skin product ingredients look like they are hard to pronounce, they are most likely not good for your skin. Stay away from parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, fragrances and petroleum.

Alcohol dries the skin out, especially when used on the face, and can lead to premature aging and wrinkles. Petroleum is a common ingredient found in many lip balms and it is a byproduct of oil drilling.

Fragrances in skin care products can cause skin irritation and sensitivity. Mineral oils coat the skin with a synthetic base instead of letting nutrients get absorbed.

Foaming enhancers (SLS) can cause extreme sensitivity to the skin and often lead to rashes.

When choosing any soap product this ingredient should be avoided all together. It is also best to consult with a Herbalist or Health Food Consultant for proper insight on what is actually natural and organic and what claims to be.

What to look for: Healthy, pure, natural, organic and vegan skin products
You should look for product lines with only ingredients from USDA Certified Suppliers. They should not have any preservatives only pure, natural, organic and vegan ingredients.

If you are eating healthy, but then rubbing synthetically produced lotion all over your body what good is that? Take the time to educate yourself and experience the wonderful results from natural beauty and natural skin care. Vegan face care

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