What You Need to Know About Flood Fire Restoration

What You Need to Know About Flood Fire Restoration

If your property has suffered from fire damage, flood damage or both, you may need to undergo a full restoration to remove the contaminants and get your home back to normal. Flood fire restoration is a complex process that includes structural, water and smoke damage remediation. It can take weeks if not months to complete, but proper planning and professional expertise can help you achieve the best results.

The first step in a fire flood restoration is addressing structural issues caused by the flames and water used to put out the fire. This can include replacement of joists, beams, and columns. It’s also important to improve the flow of rainwater away from your house with gutters and downspouts or with landscaping to prevent erosion.

During the water removal process, air movers and dehumidifiers are used to speed up the drying process. This prevents warping and swelling of materials and creates an environment unfavorable for mold growth. It’s also important to ventilate your home, open windows and doors, and turn off the power to any appliances that were damaged by heat.

During the cleaning and sanitization process, every surface inside and outside of your building is cleaned to remove smoke and soot residue and deodorize. It’s possible that occupants will be able to stay in the building during this stage if the amount of smoke and soot is minimal. Otherwise, they’ll be moved to a hotel or other offsite location while the restoration takes place. flood fire restoration

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