What to Expect From an RV Detailing Service

What to Expect From an RV Detailing Service

Whether you live in your RV full-time or just use it for vacation, your investment requires regular cleaning and care to maintain its beauty and value. While it is possible to clean your own RV, a professional detailing service can save you a lot of time and effort while providing better results. They know the products and practices that suit this large vehicle and have the specialized tools to get into hard-to-reach corners.

Unlike your car, which can be cleaned using basic washing supplies, a motorhome requires a more specialized set of materials to keep it looking its best. Most professionals will recommend a special RV shampoo, conditioner, and wax to maintain the condition of the vinyl, rubber, and fabrics. They may also recommend a clay bar treatment to remove stubborn deposits and prevent them from returning later. Depending on your preferences, you might want to have the wheels and tires treated with special tire cleaner, or apply a UV-coating to protect them from harmful sun damage.

Some RV packages entail more specialized services, such as awning cleaning. Keeping this area in good condition can help avoid mildew and mold build-up. A good RV detailer will spray it down with water and a safe chemical to wash away any dirt and grime. They will then let it dry completely before rolling it up, ensuring that the seals around the doors, windows, and slides are protected against leaks.

Another important element of an RV detailing is sanding and buffing. This process helps to eliminate swirl marks, which can be created by improper washing or drying techniques. These blemishes are visible from certain angles, and can make your RV look dull or dirty.

In most cases, sanding and buffing are done by hand, which can be time-consuming, but produces the best results. It is a critical part of the RV detailing process, and should never be skipped or performed by an inexperienced person. If you do choose to sand and buff by yourself, make sure you follow all of the steps to achieve a perfect finish.

A professional RV detailer can also address any stains and spots on your carpet. This includes identifying the type of stain and the cause, such as bleaches or mildew. Some stains and spots are impossible to completely remove, but a professional will be able to minimize their appearance.

You should tip your RV detailer, if you are satisfied with their work. This is a personal decision, but many people do so to show their appreciation for a job well done. If you are considering hiring a professional, call around to various RV detailing companies and ask about prices for their services. Some may offer a mobile service, which can be convenient if you are unable to bring your RV into the shop. A professional will be able to give you an accurate price based on the size of your RV. They should also be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take them to complete the job.

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