What Is Online PT?

What Is Online PT?

Online PT is when a trainer works with clients online instead of in person. This might mean they meet in-person a few times each month but then use an app to give their clients the rest of the support they need.

Trainers that work in this way can still offer the same services as their in-person colleagues but may cost less because they don’t have the same overhead costs. They can often be more flexible with their appointment bookings too so that they can suit the busy lives of their clients.

The advantage of this model is that it opens up the market to people who might not have access to a personal trainer otherwise. This includes those who are gym-shy or don’t like the idea of group fitness classes and prefer to train at home or their local park.

Typically an online PT will provide workouts that can be done using equipment that is available at the client’s home or gym, and they might also use video calls for one-to-one check in sessions with their clients. They can then provide them with progress tracking apps, exercise form checks and nutrition coaching.

Some PTs will also use their online platforms to run group training sessions, and they might offer them via a membership subscription too. This can be a great way for trainers to scale their business. Online PT

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