What is Eden Energy Medicine?

What is Eden Energy Medicine?

EM healers work with the body’s vital energy force to balance it’s chemistry and improve its quality of life. This helps to shift hormones and rebalance your immune system. Energy medicine is an independent approach to self-care and also a powerful complement to traditional medical care.

The theory behind energy healing is that diseases result from imbalances in the energy fields that are purported to surround and permeate a human body. In therapies like acupuncture, healing touch and Reiki, a therapist is believed to be able to rebalance disturbances in the human biofield.

Scientific research has shown that humans and other animals can generate subtle electromagnetic frequencies from their hands. These non-ionizing frequencies can be measured with sensitive equipment, and have been found to interact with and affect the cellular and molecular processes of the body.

In a session, a therapist will place their hands on or above the patient’s fully-clothed body to transmit the energy. A reiki practitioner, for example, will hold 12-15 specific hand positions for a few minutes each, and will apply these gentle touches to the body. The patient may feel deeply relaxed during and after a reiki session.

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is an energy healing modality developed by Donna Eden. It is based on her clairvoyant observations and a deep understanding of the nature of energy patterns in our lives. EEM is a simple, self-care system for shifting the energies that make up your life, so you can feel healthier and happier. energy medicine

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