What Does Outgoing Call Mean on iPhone?

What Does Outgoing Call Mean on iPhone?

Does it mean I’m on a call?

An example user interface 700 includes an outgoing call list area 710 and status area 712. The outgoing call list displays indicators representing the name, phone number, or any other user-defined indicator for the destination mobile device. The status area displays indicators identifying whether there was a response to your call – connected, no answer, voicemail, or busy. Moreover, voicemail played area 714 indicates that a message has been left for that device.

Does it mean I’m on a call with someone?

The identifier of an outgoing call, whether it be a name or phone number, is displayed in an outgoing call list area. Additionally, the outcome of the call and whether voicemail message playback has occurred are indicated by indicators displayed in a status area. Examples include connected, no answer, voicemail and busy. When a voicemail message has been played back successfully on mobile device, an indicator will appear that indicates playback has taken place and the originating mobile device has received it.

Does it mean I’m on a call with no one?

An outgoing call is a phone call made from one mobile device to another. The identifier for this type of outgoing call may be either a name, number, or user-defined indicator. Other indicators for the call could include call state indicators such as connected, no answer or voicemail and status indicators like message has been played.

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