What Are DRaaS Solutions?

What Are DRaaS Solutions?

DRaaS solutions reduce infrastructure and operational costs by providing a cost-effective way to deploy backup and disaster recovery. With this model, a third-party provider takes responsibility for setting up and maintaining a failover site on behalf of the client. In the event of a disaster, the organization’s systems are seamlessly transferred to the remote location. This eliminates the need for expensive hardware and infrastructure at a secondary site, which cuts down on staffing needs and maintenance costs.

Typically, these services leverage cloud-based technologies to provide a rapid and affordable alternative to building a secondary site. They also enable organizations to scale up and down with their business growth. As a result, they help businesses achieve their RPO and RTO objectives.

A DRaaS solution can be deployed on a public, private or hybrid cloud. In addition, many of these platforms work with dissimilar systems and hypervisors to allow for the transfer of data between different environments. Unlike backup as a service (BaaS), which provides only storage for a backup copy, a DRaaS solution allows you to restore applications to a virtual environment.

DRaaS is the latest technology in cloud-based disaster recovery, allowing you to take advantage of scalable capacity, reducing the capital expense required for hardware and infrastructure. As with any technology, deciding on a DRaaS solution depends on your organization’s goals and requirements. A reputable MSP can help design and scope the project, offering unbiased advice on which DRaaS platform best suits your business.

With a managed DRaaS solution, you’ll be able to test out your failover site without interrupting normal operations. You’ll also be able to preserve network configurations upon failover and prevent IP readdressing, which can otherwise require time-consuming changes to internal network settings. These features and others make a well-rounded DRaaS solution stand out from the competition.

Managed DRaaS solutions typically offer an all-inclusive monthly fee for services. This eliminates upfront costs and frees up your staff to focus on revenue-generating projects. In addition, the provider can handle maintenance and updates so you don’t have to worry about it.

Nutanix enables enterprises to implement an application-aware DRaaS solution that’s capable of protecting virtual environments from data loss and downtime. This enables a faster recovery time and helps ensure that critical applications are always accessible. The solution uses VMware-based replication to create full mirrors of your production environments, and it can be configured to support multiple data centers or geographic locations.

Carbonite Recover provides push-button failover and real-time byte-level replication to the DRaaS cloud. This minimizes recovery times and operations interruption and enables organizations to perform non-disruptive testing and recovery reporting. Additionally, this DRaaS solution provides comprehensive monitoring and alerts to help prevent costly downtime. draas solutions

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