The Importance of Ruqyah

The Importance of Ruqyah

We recite verses of the Quran on the patient to cancel and undo the black magic. We also provide other treatments to heal the patient like hijamah, herbs and nutritional counselling.

There are a number of people who claim to have special abilities to rid the body of evil spirits and to cure various diseases through ruqyah. These people often sell their services for a large sum of money to those who are ill and need help. However, not all of these claims are authentic. Some of these methods are even considered to be haram (forbidden) by the scholars and many Islamic schools.

A person should avoid these ruqyah methods, especially those that involve the use of perfumes or the skin of animals. This is because the jinn is able to smell these substances and can therefore identify their owner. Moreover, the scent of these things can affect the sabr of the jinn and make it harder for them to enter the human body.

Ruqyah should only be done by a qualified Muslim. In addition, it should be performed on a clean and sanitised object and the person performing the ruqyah must wash his hands afterward to ensure that he is not carrying any impurities onto the patient.

Some people also claim to have the ability to detect jinn by touching their skin with their hands. This is not permissible and should be avoided as it could cause harm to the person being treated. In addition, it is also not a part of the authentic ruqyah ash-shar’eeya.dissolvable quran ruqyah paper

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