The Auto Cold Drawing Machine Is a Turnkey Equipment That Helps Manufacturers and Fabricators Improve Their Products

The Auto Cold Drawing Machine Is a Turnkey Equipment That Helps Manufacturers and Fabricators Improve Their Products

The Auto cold drawing machine is a turnkey equipment that helps manufacturers and fabricators improve the quality of their products. It is a machine that can draw out wire and tubing in the desired size and shape, reducing labor and time costs. It also improves the quality of the end product, allowing it to connect easily with other parts. It can also be used to create a specific diameter or thickness of the material. This is important for many industries, including automotive and industrial applications.

There are a few different kinds of cold drawing machines. These include wire drawing, rod drawing and tube drawing. Each type of machine has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they all serve the same purpose: to reduce the size of the material being drawn. For example, wire drawing involves putting the material through a die to reduce its diameter. This is useful for reducing the size of copper and aluminum wires, which can be difficult to work with if they are not pulled properly.

Rod drawing is a similar process to wire drawing, but it is used to reduce the diameter of rods. This can be done using a single die or multiple dies that are spaced apart. It can also be performed on a long bench, which has the added advantage of being able to draw large quantities of material at once.

In addition to reducing the diameter of the metal, cold drawing can also change the shape of the cross section. This is especially important for larger-diameter materials that are hard to roll or forge. In addition, the deformation produced by cold drawing causes work hardening, which can increase the strength of the alloy material.

Another important function of cold drawing is that it can remove impurities from the surface of the metal. This is particularly helpful for black rods that have an unfinished, pickled surface. This process can also be used to make a rod bright.

HOREN’s automatic bar-to-bar cold drawing machine is designed to automate the drawing process for a variety of different materials, from brass to mild steel and alloy bars. The machine uses a hydraulic push pointer to clamp the workpiece and then apply pressure against the drawing die. Once the process is complete, the machine can automatically move the resulting drawn material to designated collection racks next to the draw bench.

This automatic chain-type machine is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. Its HS model series is designed for heavy duty applications and is a cost-effective solution for automating the drawing of symmetrical alloys such as linear guideways. From loading to discharging, the entire process is controlled via a PLC system. The head-press mechanism replaces the swaging process that is typically required during traditional precision drawing, eliminating the need for costly manpower and ensuring a consistent workflow. It is also capable of drawing a wide range of shapes and sizes, including hexagonal and square.

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