Stitch Teddys

Stitch Teddys

Embroidery stitches are used to add faces, feet, paws and other details to these cute teddies. Learn to freehand stitch a simple face, or try your hand at a double-wrap french knot for bigger eyes. Alison also shows the basics of backstitch and chain stitch to create thicker lines, perfect for facial features such as smiles & eyebrows. The video is shot in close-up so that you can see exactly what is being done in each step of the pattern. The pattern contains templates to make both a bear and a bunny. The final size of your teddy depends on the yarn & hook you choose, so experiment to find the right combination for your project!

The story begins with “Experiment 626” (or Stitch) being created by Jumba Jookiba to cause chaos across the galaxy. He escapes his captors by crashing his spaceship on Kauai, where he is adopted by Lilo as her pet “dog.” Through his interactions with the Hawaiian concept of ‘ohana and her reformed cousins, Stitch becomes more well-meaning, but is still prone to destructive impulses.

Eventually, he meets a girl named Angel who loves him and helps him overcome his destructive tendencies. However, he is nearly destroyed by a new clone of himself, called Leroy, until his Neo-PowerChip activates from the love of Lilo and her family, supercharging him and allowing him to defeat Dark End. Stitch Teddys

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