Replacement Norcold Cooling Units – How to Properly Install Them

Replacement Norcold Cooling Units – How to Properly Install Them

The rv refrigerator is one of the most used and essential appliances in your camper or rv. Whether you are a weekend warrior or full timer it is important that you never have to think about when your rv refrigerator will fail. Norcold cooling units have come under much scrutiny in the last decade with multiple lawsuits, recalls and a ‘fix’ that many feel is inadequate. Many people are turning to the Amish to replace their Norcold with a new superior built refrigeration system.

There are a few key areas that need to be addressed when installing a replacement norcold cooling unit. The first is a proper evaporator foam pack pocket installation. This is very important as the solution cavity of the boiler assembly can get drained by all the twisting and turning during transit and installation. The next is proper taping of the evaporator tube joints. This is vital as the solution can leak out and if the joint is not properly taped it will bleed on the outside of your fridge and could cause problems with your refrigerators operation. The final is properly securing the LP gas igniter to the cooling unit. This is a very important step as the leaking solution can drip onto the LP gas igniter and short it out causing your refrigerator not to run.

If your rv refrigerator is not cooling and smells of ammonia it is likely that your refrigerator’s cooling unit has failed or the refrigerator itself is on the verge of failing. The cooling unit is the heart of your absorption refrigerator. It is what circulates the charge solution around the refrigerator and keeps it cool. If it fails your fridge will not cool and will likely begin to rust and emit ammonia.

Before attempting to install your replacement norcold cooling unit, it is important that you make sure the evaporator foam pack in the refrigerator cabinet is fully seated in the pocket. It is also recommended to perform a dry run installation before installing the unit into the refrigerator. This will give you and your helper a chance to work out any issues that may arise during the installation process. It will also let you know if any adjustments need to be made to the evaporator foam pack pocket to ensure that the unit will fit correctly.

Our Norcold replacement cooling units are completely remanufactured by experienced professionals. Our unique rebuilding process uses heavier wall seamless tubing and a design of the boiler that won’t fracture from thermal stress resulting in longer lasting refrigerator cooling units.

If you own a 1200 Series, N8 Series or N6 Series Norcold Gas Absorption Refrigerator and have not already filed a claim, you must do so by August 26, 2016. You can file your claim online here. If you have any questions about filing your claim, you can contact the Norcold class action settlement administrator at 1-888-559-4627. You can also find additional information and FAQs here.

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