New Conservatory Ideas

New Conservatory Ideas

New conservatory ideas can be a great way to spruce up an existing room and make it feel fresh and modern. They can also provide an ideal solution for a homeowner who does not have the space to build an extension. The idea of a new conservatory does not need to be limited to traditional styles either, as there are now a wide range of designs that can be used for a multitude of different purposes.

One of the most popular ways to use a conservatory is as a dining room. Adding in a table and chairs allows for the space to be used all year round, making it an ideal location to enjoy meals with family or friends. A light coloured or white table and chair set will instantly brighten up the room, while incorporating a neutral colour palette allows the rest of the decor to be kept simple and understated.

Alternatively, the room can be transformed into a home office or study. Creating a workspace in the conservatory can help to free up space in the living room, as well as give everyone in the household their own individual space. Having a dedicated work area will also ensure that any home tasks are completed in a timely manner, helping to reduce the amount of clutter in the home and make it more relaxing.

Conservatories are not only a good place to grow plants and flowers, but they can also be a fantastic space for a games room or children’s playroom. Having a separate space for the kids to play and let off steam in can stop toys from cluttering up other parts of the house, as well as reducing the risk of them getting damaged or tripping over things. Adding in a few pieces of furniture, such as bean bag chairs or a children’s playhouse, will help to complete the room and create a space where they can get away from the television or tablet.

Another great option for a conservatory is to use it as a garden lounge, allowing guests to relax in the sunshine without having to leave the property. By adding in a few rattan sofas or armchairs, plus a couple of rugs to add some texture and warmth to the room, it is easy to turn the space into a cosy retreat to sit and read a book or enjoy a coffee with family and friends. The addition of bi-fold doors means that the furniture can easily be moved outside on a warm day to take advantage of the sun, then brought back inside as the evening draws in. Keep a basket of blankets handy to wrap up against summer evening chills too. A bespoke made-to-measure window seat can be the perfect spot to snuggle up and read on a rainy day, too. new conservatory ideas

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