Make Elegant and Sophisticated Earrings With Easy-to-Follow Steps

Make Elegant and Sophisticated Earrings With Easy-to-Follow Steps

In this gorgeous book, author Ann Martin takes a centuries old technique of turning metallic edged paper into stunning-and sturdy-jewelry. With her expert guidance and minimal tools and supplies, you can create twenty eye-catching designs.

You’ll be surprised to find that this unique paper craft is not only fun but also affordable. You can buy pre-cut quilling strips with a metallic edging for only a dollar or so, and the other materials required to complete this project are fairly inexpensive as well. This is a great way to get started with this fascinating hobby.

This is a project that will work best with thicker strips of paper, such as those from Quilled Creations and Quilled Supply, although you can also use regular non-metallic ivory or colored edge quilling papers (with shiny blue edges or magenta for example) as long as they are essentially tone on tone. It is also helpful to have a small collection of metal jump rings and earring hooks, as these will make attaching the finished coils to the earrings much easier.

Begin by selecting two pieces of your primary colored paper to create the earring base. Use white glue to join them together on a flat surface and then start creating your quilling shapes. You will need one teardrop shape and one triangular shape from your color choices, as well as five eye-shaped loose coils of the same color. Glue the pointy ends of each shape to the center circle, and then glued the rounded sides of the eye-shaped coils to each other to form petals. Continue to create and attach your shapes until you have a flower-like earring structure. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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