Internet Marketing Tools and Tips For Maximizing Your YouTube Video Traffic

Internet Marketing Tools and Tips For Maximizing Your YouTube Video Traffic

For your YouTube video, activity is key-think “traffic”– the more active your video is, the better your ranking is…the standard internet marketing tools apply to maximizing your YouTube traffic, or activity…plus here are some tips that are specific to video.

Write a great title
The job of the title is to get people to open your video. Make it interesting, controversial, exciting…be sure to include a keyword…and of course it has to be relevant.

Proper use of keywords
Use long keywords in your title and your description…use several in your description. Use shorter keywords for your tags.

Choosing a thumbnail
The thumbnail is the second thing people see after the title, so make sure it is relevant to your video and also interesting by itself!

Responding to people’s comments is important. Google looks at the comments and it all counts as activity. Whenever possible, use keywords within your comments.  

Keep your traffic in your own channel
Do a video response to your own videos to keep viewers within your video channel–refer them to other videos you have done.

Get subscribers
When people subscribe to your YouTube channel, every time you upload a new video they get an email that you just uploaded a new video. It’s almost like YouTube is doing email marketing for you! Because they are personally being notified of your new video they are more apt to watch it…and the more views the better the ranking. Also when they log onto their YouTube channel, they’ll be notified there too. 

Video annotations
Video annotations allows you to add text within your video. This is a great tool to get viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel or to watch another video. Make them simple, clean and clear. Make the annotation clickable. As long as it is within YouTube, you can link them to any videos that you want. Link them to another one of your videos or a relevant video by someone else. And don’t forget to include a link to your website or squeeze page. That way you are building your list with each new video.

Do more videos
The more videos you do, the more people subscribe, the more views you get. The more views you get, the more exposure you get, and the more new viewers you get. It just builds upon itself.

Use Social Media
Each time you release a video you want to spread the word quickly. Use your non-video social media outlets for that. Post on your social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, post it in your blog, and use your social bookmarking sites. Also, post your video to other video hosting sites…don’t limit yourself to YouTube.

Use your ezine, newsletter and emails
You can get a lot of traffic to your video quickly if you share your just released video link in your ezine or newsletter…and you can also send a special email out to your subscribers.

You can see that by using some of the standard internet marketing tools, like social media, emails and keywords, and combining that with video and YouTube specific tips you can really maximize your YouTube traffic without a ton of work. buy positive youtube comments

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