Insulate Your Conservatory Roof

Insulate Your Conservatory Roof

Having a conservatory is great for enjoying the summer sun and creating an extra room for relaxing. However, if the existing roof panels aren’t up to scratch in terms of insulation, the space is a waste of time and money and will be useless for most of the year. Fortunately, there are several ways to remedy this and make your conservatory useable 365 days of the year. One of the best options is to swap the roof for insulated panels. This is a quick and relatively easy solution that can significantly improve the usability of your conservatory.

Thermotec insulated panels are lightweight and designed to be fitted into existing conservatory structures without disrupting the structure. They are custom-made for each existing roof shape to ensure the insulating layers fit neatly between the glazing bars. Each panel is made from 2mm sheet aluminium and each corner is cut, pressed and welded to form a ‘tray’ that will sit within the existing frame. This tray is then polyester powder coated in a choice of colours.

This system uses a unique combination of thermal wadding, foam and foil to provide a premier level of insulation protection that is comparable with many solid conservatory roofs. These high-quality panels are a cost-effective alternative to replacing the existing glass or polycarbonate roof and they can be installed in just one day. The Thermotec system also offers a number of additional features such as heat reflectors and an enhanced thermal break that cuts heat loss by up to 80%.

Glass panels are another highly-effective option for insulating a conservatory and offer a range of benefits including natural light, aesthetics and versatility. You can even opt for a glass solution that has self-cleaning properties to reduce maintenance requirements.

As a bonus, glass is incredibly durable and won’t warp or discolour over time, which means it will be a lasting addition to your home. It’s important to remember though that if you opt for a glass solution, it will be more expensive than other roof solutions as the materials are more costly.

UPVC is a versatile material that’s commonly used in window frames and front doors but can also be incorporated into a conservatory roof to create an insulated conservatory. UPVC isn’t transparent so it won’t let in any UV rays and will help to retain heat in the summer and keep the conservatory warm at all times. If you’re thinking of incorporating UPVC into your conservatory, it’s important to remember that these panels are classed as an energy-saving material and as such are VAT-reduced at 5%. conservatory roof insulation panels

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