How to Choose the Best Portable Breast Pump

How to Choose the Best Portable Breast Pump

Whether you’re traveling for work, commuting to the office or pumping while you’re at home, you want a portable breast pump that’s easy to move with and works well. Look for a lightweight design and consider how long your battery will last during a pumping session and how easy it is to clean the pump between uses. Some pumps have a lot of extra parts, and you may find some require more frequent cleaning than others. Finally, it’s important to know where you plan on pumping and whether a wearable model that can be worn under your shirt is right for you.

For a cordless, portable and powerful manual pump, look no further than the Spectra S1. This affordable single-use pump has nine exceptional pumping levels (our product testers really liked the trackball-control system), and it’s one of the least visible pumps on the market under your clothing. It also has a convenient carry handle, a nightlight for those bleary midnight pumping sessions and is rechargeable via any standard micro-USB cable, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a manual pump that will be covered by your insurance.

The Freemie Buddha and the Freemie Next Generation collection are a good pair of hands-free portable pumps for moms on-the-go as they can be worn with a regular bra, not just a special nursing bra. Both use the same motor, but the Buddha is quieter and smaller than the Freemie Gen 3. The Spectra S1 Plus also offers excellent portability with its light, small size and a built-in carry handle. best portable pump

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