How a Socks Factory Works

How a Socks Factory Works

A socks factory is one of the most complex manufacturing plants in any industry. This is because the entire hosiery production process is very detailed and requires coordination between all the different steps to meet quality requirements, time control, and delivery deadlines.

The first step in sock design is to have a professional product designer create digital design files for the socks you want to produce. This is called “pattern coding.” The pattern code is then converted into bitmaps that the knitting machines can read. The number of pixels in the bitmap will determine the size of needles needed to make your socks.

Depending on the specifics of your sock design, the sock factory will then begin the knitting process. This will include a lot of stitching, which may take hours or days. The sock can be woven with any kind of pattern you want, or they can be plain-colored, which will typically cost less than patterned socks.

The sock factories will also be doing a lot of boarding in this stage, which involves taking the finished sock and adding heat and steam to give it its shape. This will also help remove any holes, stains, or pattern errors. Workers will also patrol in the knitting workshop and select the socks without defects to take to the next step of sewing.

For customers who would like their logos embroidered into the socks, this will require an additional step in the production process and increase your overall manufacturing costs. The embroidery patterns are created in a separate step and are stitched onto the socks using automated computer software. socks factory

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