Fort Myers Junk Yard

Fort Myers Junk Yard

If you’re in the market for used auto parts, look no further than this self-serve salvage yard. Their great selection and friendly service have earned this junkyard high marks from their customers, who love the affordable prices and easy access to the parts they need. Whether you’re looking for a new alternator or just a new set of tires, this junkyard is a great place to find them.

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, this salvage yard offers a variety of used parts at low prices. Previously known as Garden Street U Pull It, this junkyard offers a wide range of car part products and is a popular destination for do-it-yourselfers. The yard’s knowledgeable staff are also available to help you locate specific parts.

This junkyard offers a huge inventory of parts for a variety of cars and trucks. Its extensive collection of salvaged vehicles means you can find almost any part you need to repair your car, truck or SUV. Their inventory is updated regularly and offers a large selection of parts for different models. They even offer a parts interchange system that makes finding compatible parts easy.

If you’re planning to sell your car, this junkyard is the best choice in Fort Myers. They’ll pay you cash for your old car or truck, and provide a fast, professional and convenient experience. In addition, they’ll recycle the parts that can’t be sold, reducing landfill waste and lowering carbon emissions. junk yard fort myers

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