Finding the Right Hairdresser For Your Curls

Finding the Right Hairdresser For Your Curls

Everyone with curly hair has a unique set of challenges. That’s why finding a specialist who understands your strands is so important!

Many salons claim to be curl specialists but often fall short. Their marketing strategies align with an obsessive product-reliant approach to curly hair and the result is a misguided service that does not provide personalised results or aftercare support for each individual client.

A true curly hair specialist is a person who prioritizes helping people over selling products. This starts with effective communication and a thorough consultation to understand each person’s hair texture, challenges and lifestyle preferences. A genuine curly hair expert provides knowledge and results that support how each person wants to live with their kinks, waves and coils.

Curly hair specialist, Fleur, works her magic from the Lip Lab in Geelong. Using a deconstructed dry cutting technique, she creates shapes that compliment an individual’s curves, features and personality. She also specialises in extensions and colour. When you visit her, be sure to ask for Hermiz – he knows a thing or two about curls! hairdresser curly hair melbourne

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