Custom Grip Socks

Custom Grip Socks

Grip socks are made from premium quality, breathable material that is comfortable to wear and helps protect your feet. The grip design on the sole provides added balance and traction. They can be customized with your company logo or branded design to promote your brand and give you the confidence to do the things you love, such as jumping, running and walking. They are also an excellent option for trampoline parks, soft play and inflatable parks.

The specialized grip pattern on the socks generates a strong friction force against the inside of your shoes to prevent slipping and provide improved stability when running, changing direction or performing other athletic actions. This is especially important for women due to the slender instep in their shoes. Until recently, however, research on gender specific adaptations to in-shoe friction has been limited (Althoff & Hennig, 2014).

Football players are using grip socks to improve performance and avoid injuries. They are especially helpful when playing in wet conditions or on slick surfaces, because the socks reduce the amount of friction between their feet and the floor surface. They also offer comfort during prolonged periods of standing and help eliminate the rubbing between the foot and shoe that causes blisters.

Many people also use grip socks for exercise on hard floors, such as yoga, pilates and barre classes. The non-slip properties of the grip socks allow you to perform exercises without the risk of slipping, and the thick soles and rubber pads provide cushioning that makes them more comfortable than bare feet. They are also used in senior care facilities to minimize the risk of falls among residents with mobility issues. custom grip socks

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