Contractor stops hydro excavation but wants added pay for extra work

This does happen all the time. That a contractor isn’t legit and that they are trying to get as much money from a client or customer as possible.

The latest scam is when a contractor is stopping hydro excavation in the middle of the process and wants added pay for some extra work. The work might even be in the contract. What should you do when this happens to you? What are your rights and should you pay the contractor or not? This is all the information you need to know for you to act correctly in this type of case. 

Is this legit for a contractor to do this?

In most cases, it isn’t legit for a contractor to do this. However, you need to go back to your contract and make sure that there isn’t a small print that is claiming that the contractor can ask for more pay for any extra work he is doing.

One thing is for sure, if you are paying him for doing hydro excavation, he can’t just stop working on it. You have a contract, and he needs to finish the contract. 

When you have hired a contractor that suddenly wants to get paid more

What should you do when you have hired a contractor for hydro vacuum excavation and signed a contract? But now, he suddenly wants to get paid more? 

Firstly, you should look at your contract. What does it say about added fees for work that he didn’t think will be needed with the excavation? If it states that he can add fees according to the work he is doing, then you will just need to pay. However, if there isn’t anything about adding fees to his contract, then you should get legal assistance as soon as possible. 

Why does this normally happen?

A question that you might have, is why does something like this happen. That you are using a contractor for hydro excavation, that isn’t trustworthy and that adding as many fees as possible to your contract.

This might be because you are using the wrong contractor. Or, you are not doing your homework correctly when you are searching for a contractor for hydro excavation or any other contract work. It’s why you should make sure that you are going to know how to find the right contractors before you hire the wrong one again.

Finding a contractor for hydro excavation that is recommended is essential

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if this is for hydro excavation or any other service, you need to find a recommended contractor. One that is highly recommended online and when you are talking to friends and family.

You should not just hire the first and best contractor that you can find. Doing research, talking to friends and family, and asking for recommendations is the only way that you will be able to find the right contractor that will stick to their contract and not try to scam you for more money. 

There is no reason that you are getting scammed by a contractor that is doing hydro excavation like the person we have mentioned. With the right research and asking the right questions, you will be able to find the right contractor that is trustworthy and recommended. Then, you will have someone you can actually trust, without any problems that can cause you to pay the extra money, or needing to hire a legal team to sort this out for you. The secret is to avoid this in the first place, and you will not have a contractor in the hydro excavation that is requesting more money than what is stated in your contract. zemní práce

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