City Supply Provides Plumbing Supplies to Houston Homeowners

City Supply Provides Plumbing Supplies to Houston Homeowners

As pipes burst and hardware stores run out of parts, some neighbors have taken it upon themselves to gather and distribute supplies. One such group of Katy-area residents has been helping consumers find the CPVC pipe pieces needed to repair or replace broken pipes. A supply of the pipes and other parts plasters a table in Ed Hyde’s home, and he has been offering them to other local homeowners.

In business for more than 31 years, City Supply provides plumbing supply parts to builders and contractors. It offers a variety of items, including water heaters, valves, fixtures, faucets, tubs, and sinks. It also provides tools and accessories for plumbing repairs and renovations. Its team is available for residential and commercial projects.

Licensed plumbers fix clogged toilets, drains, and garbage disposals. They also install and replace water heaters, septic systems, and sewer lines. They can locate and repair hidden leaks in the plumbing system and help you lower your water bill by replacing older, high-flush toilets with low-flow models. They can also install water filtration systems to prevent dirty water.

John Moore Services’ plumbers perform a complete home diagnostic during service calls, and the company offers multi-year warranties for repiping jobs. They also offer a VIP service plan and financing for qualified customers. Its plumbers can also help you save on your electricity costs by installing water-efficient appliances. The family-owned business has been in business since 1980. Its initial location was a small building on the north side of Houston, and it has since expanded its pipe yards and warehouse. plumbing supplies houston

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