Choosing the Best OS For PS4 – Windows Or OS X

Choosing the Best OS For PS4 – Windows Or OS X

Well, not too many PS3 users really care that they can actually install a Linux OS on its HDD, and convert it into something as good as a home computer, but this indeed happens to be a great option for those care about it.

However, one of the biggest reasons behind the users not caring too much about this option happens to be the sheer fact that PS3 supports only the Linux Operating System. But, did you ever imagine what would happen if Sony offered PS3 with a Windows or Mac OS X?

Sounds simply superb, isn’t it? Indeed, it makes a lot of sense if Sony looks to buy bulk licenses for Windows XP/Vista from Microsoft and Mac OS-X from Apple. Of course, Microsoft wouldn’t really care to lower down their prices to support Sony in promoting the PS4, and rather make use of this idea in the next generation X-Box gaming console. But, Windows Operating System is indeed the king of all OS even after so many years.

But, the Mac OS-X has also gained widespread popularity, and Apple might find it very advantageous to offer cheaper licenses for the OS-X for all the PS4 to be released. This will not only help Sony in increasing the level of popularity and most importantly the sales of the PS4 to a good extent, but also help Apple to increase their market share in the world of Operating System and come even closer to Microsoft’s Windows Operating Systems.

What’s more, the rumoured Google OS might also be seen in action, but as of now a popular OS is something Sony badly needs on the PS4 to gain the added advantage in the market. At least, the X-Box 720 or project Natal (or whatever MS calls it upon release) will surely support the latest generation Windows Operating System (probably Windows 7 and Vista), so apparently it might be tough for Sony to get any rebates on Windows OS. But, you can’t simply rule out that option, because Microsoft would indeed make some serious money by selling thousands of extra Windows OS license along with the PS4 gaming consoles. As of now, things are too fishy to arrive at any kind of conclusion. Nintendo Switch

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