Buying Used RV Refrigerators

Buying Used RV Refrigerators

When looking for rv refrigerators, make sure that you select one that can keep up with your food and drink needs on the road. Also check that it has shelves to organize your items. If you plan to use it for long trips, then choose a fridge with a freezer.

You should also consider how much power the fridge eats. The best RV fridges are versatile, which means that they can work with various types of power supplies, including AC, DC and propane. If you’re only planning on camping at developed campgrounds with electric hook-ups, then you can get away with a thermoelectric fridge that consumes very little power. If you plan on boondocking or doing overnight Walmart stays, then you should opt for a fridge that can run on propane.

If you want to save money on a new RV fridge, you can also look for used ones in your area. You can find great deals by checking local garage sales and online classified sites. However, be aware that a used fridge may require some repairs. For example, a used fridge with a cooling unit leak might be difficult to fix, especially if it’s been unused for a long time. This is because ammonia sediment can build up and limit the liquid ammonia from flowing properly. If you have this problem, try unplugging the fridge and turning it upside down to help dislodge any sediment. Once you’ve done this, then you can replace the cooling unit. rv refrigeration

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