Business Opportunity – Reusable PP Shopping Bags Supply

Business Opportunity – Reusable PP Shopping Bags Supply

For those involved in the retail packaging industry, there is a relatively new opportunity available on the market. PP shopping bags, made from the material Polypropylene, are much more efficient than standard paper or disposable plastic (PE) shopping bags, and are usually more popular with customers.

Over the next few years, it is probable that PP shopping bags will continue increasing their market share and may eventually totally replace conventional plastic bags. In the past five years over a dozen countries in the EU have banned or put a tax on disposable bags. For business owners, it is imperative that they get in on this new business opportunity as soon as possible so that they can stay sustainable and competitive in the rapidly changing business market.

Using standard plastic and paper bags are not sustainable solutions. These bags, although convenient because they are disposable, are neither cost effective nor environmentally responsible. Although there is some effort to recycle paper and plastic bags, it is still too expensive to be economical. That’s why businesses cannot continue to use them unlimitedly.

PP shopping bags, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly and sustainable in the global market. Because they are versatile useful and durable, they rarely end up in trash bins, unlike paper and plastic bags which are very common in landfills.

Compared to paper and plastic bags, which tear easily and are not water resistant, these woven bags can be used hundreds upon hundreds of times before they show any sign of wear, and they are still completely usable after being rained on or having liquid spilled in them. It is very rare for someone to tear a PP bag because of how durable it is (they can hold over 50 kilograms). And even then, PP shopping bags can be recycled to make new bags when they do rip.

PP shopping bags are also much sturdier and can carry much more weight than traditional PE plastic bags and paper bags. Due to the durability and utility of these bags, it is not uncommon for store owners to sell them to customers or to provide them for in-store use – an effective way that they can further improve profit margins for a business.

As a store owner it is important to know that there are other organic shopping bag materials available on the market. However, these alternatives are not as popular for a variety of reasons. For one thing, these other organic materials are much more expensive to produce than the Polypropylene. Also, they do not work as well for branding, as some organic materials are too rough and don’t hold coloration very well that would be used for detailed custom graphics, whereas the Polypropylene bags work perfectly for that purpose.

In general, using the woven PP bags is one of the best decisions a business owner can make. They are more durable and more environmentally friendly than PE plastic of paper shopping bags. They cost less to produce and are more brand-friendly than other organic bags on the market. Due to high labour intensity they are mainly produced in China and Vietnam and are gaining in worldwide popularity very rapidly. For any business owner involved in the retail market, making the switch to PP shopping bags is a smart choice. MK shoulder bag

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