Boat Transport

Boat Transport

If you have the right knowledge and follow the guidelines,

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 boat transport can be easy. You should begin the boat transport process at least a month or two before you need to move it. This gives you more than enough time to get all the information on the right boat transport companies, compare prices, and get the boat ready for transport. Try to hire the closest boat transport company and always confirm information at least 2 weeks before the shipping date.

Before you start gathering quotes on boat transport, you should know your boat measurements so you can get the best estimate on how much it will cost to move it. After gathering this information you will be able to select the right company, the right transportation method, and get the right price for your boat transport. You want to get a quote that includes the prices for having the correct licenses and permits for boat transport from one location to another.

Before you just hand over your boat for transport to a carrier, you should know what you are to expect from them and what you need to do to prepare your boat for transport. If you take the time to get this information and keep in contact with the boat transport, you can rest assured that your boat will arrive on time, safe, and damage free.  You should expect the boat transport to be able to answer all your questions completely and have excellent customer service skills. You should be provided with a check list of things to do with your boat before you can have it transported. You will also be provided with the information on the licenses and permits needed to move your boat.  Measurements of your boat need to be taken so it is carried in the proper way.

When your boat is loaded up and ready for transport, the boat transport driver should ask if you wanted to be contacted during the transport. When it arrives at its destination, you need to have the appropriate person, if not yourself, present for the pickup.  Try your best to have the pickup scheduled during the day, so your boat can be inspected. Whoever is picking up the boat needs to have the payment ready and you will receive a copy of your receipt. Before the person picking up the boat leaves, they should take pictures of anything they are concerned about as far as the boats condition. If there are any damages they should be taken note of and written down on the bill. The boat transport will do everything in its power to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. If you have any other complaints that can’t be taken care of, you should report them to the BBB. Polson Boat Rentals

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