9 Reasons That Make Online Poker Better Than the Real Thing

9 Reasons That Make Online Poker Better Than the Real Thing

9. The capability to play in your underwearOr even without them. Playing online poker in the comforts of your own home and in your room is a whole lot better than dressing up for the casino. This will also save you laundry time.8. You don’t really have to leave the casinoOnline poker rooms won’t go anywhere if you take a toilet break or if you sleep,

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 and you don’t have to worry about getting actual opponents since you can challenge anyone online anytime of the day. It’s also cheaper since you don’t have to pay for gas, food or that funny tuxedo you would rent.7. There is a wide selection of gamesThe World Wide Web has a lot of online casino games up its sleeve and your head would spin just by trying to choose one with all those innovative games available. With online poker, you get to call the shots and personally decide on which games to play. Play from Omaha, Hi-Lo to HORSE or even Badugi! You can find these games in one site too like Sportsbook.com!6. Get to play quicklyModern technology has allowed the creation of advanced computers that are faster; making it possible to play online poker without any hassles, and that means more games in an hour, therefore more wins!5. AnonymityYou can use this to your advantage and deceive your opponents by using a fictional ID, making any unsuspecting opponent overconfident.4. Use applications to your advantageThe Internet has given mankind gifts, and these gifts that are in the form of applications should be used to fuel victory. Install hand histories or tools for monitoring hourly rates, easily find out what fingers are profitable and even customize your sound results.3. Cheaper poker gamesOnline casinos will make you spend for lower rakes and get to even snub the seller of tips. This all makes a difference now when it comes to money!2. More odds to play and more tablesOnline poker allows you to play more tables and some can even play 10 tables at once! Now this is something you can never do in Vegas unless, of course, you can be in many places at one time. Internet poker won’t let you wait for tables to open, there are numerous of tables you can join in.1. Escape in one pieceBouncers exist in casinos. They aren’t really friendly so if you’re caught cheating or bending just the principles a bit by card counting, you’re in big trouble.  In online casinos, you can exit the place without being thrown out and with your teeth still intact. The thing is you don’t really have a better chance when it comes to cheating an online dealer, but being able to leave in one piece for trying can be quite a relief and you can also come back without worrying much of what people might think! Playing online poker is of course a better option now than driving or making the commute to the nearest casino just to play. Best slots online

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