5 Reasons Your Dryer Isn’t Spindling

5 Reasons Your Dryer Isn’t Spindling

Doing laundry is tough enough, but when your dryer won’t spin, it can make the task feel impossible. Thankfully, a few simple steps can often fix the problem. This article walks you through the five most common reasons that a dryer isn’t spinning, and how to get it back up and running.

The first step is to check the power. Make sure it’s plugged in and not tripped by a surge or knocked over by a pet or child.

It may also be that the drum bearing is worn out. If the drum is hard to turn by hand, or makes squealing and grinding noises when turned, it’s time for a new one.

A broken drive belt is another very common reason that a dryer won’t spin. The belt wraps around the big circular tumbler (the drum), as well as the motor pulleys and hooks. To see if this is the problem, open the door and reach inside. Attempt to turn the drum by hand- if it turns easily, the belt is fine; if it doesn’t, the belt is likely broken and needs to be replaced.

Lastly, it could be that the dryer switch isn’t working correctly. The switch is usually a small, plastic peg that clicks and allows the dryer to start when the door is closed. To check this, open the dryer door and remove the metal clips, and then use a putty knife to pry the top of the dryer off to reveal the switch. If it’s not seated properly, or looks bent, you may need to replace the switch. dryer is not spinning

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