12 Simple Tips To Consider Before Buying a DIY Conservatory

12 Simple Tips To Consider Before Buying a DIY Conservatory

DIY projects need confidence; but one can’t be confident when one is clueless, right? Used conservatories and brand new DIY kits in particular require good working knowledge for the installation to be successful. The good news is that extreme handyman skills aren’t really necessary, since DIY conservatory projects are more about assembly than craftsmanship. If you are anxious about the tasks that a conservatory building project entails, take a look at the following.

1. Select project site. You need to get the plans ready, including installation blueprints and time frames. Consider placement (North, East, South or West facing) and choose material for the base slab.
2. Excavate trench. Get a wide measuring tape ready. Consider the house damp proof course. Dig around the slab. Usual dimensions are 750mm (depth) and 450mm (width).
3. Check drainage. Check for pipes or anything that can get in the way. Use concrete lintel to protect pipes from being crushed by concrete.
4. Fortify the foundation. Lay and float cement on the trenches.
5. Install inner cavity wall up to floor level. This is only applicable for dwarf wall designs.
6. Lay hardcore. Stones and pebbles should be compacted to the base slab.
7. Damp proof. Lay screed sand over the compacted hardcore to prevent sharp stones from puncturing the damp proofing membrane which is usually thick plastic.
8. Install floor insulation (optional). Cheap material such as Styrofoam can be used.
8. Float and lay concrete to the desired floor level.
9. Complete wall installation. Build outer wall layer which usually involves decorative brickwork and complete the inner wall layer.
10. Erect and fit the frames.
11. Install roofing. Set structural beams, glazing bars and assemble the ridge system. Install glazing panels and proceed to installing side panels.
12. Complete internal finishing. Choose decorations or carpeting. Add furniture and fixtures.

These are the key steps in the installation of DIY conservatories. Detailed steps, as well as measurements can be found on your DIY kit. If you are planning on installing second hand conservatories, a manual or an installation plan may not be available so it may require more DIY skills.

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